Our dynamic creative workshops are design to engage local communities, promote active participation and enable people to share their achievement and joy in creativity.
Workshops can be delivered once a week, or implemented through a monthly program including community event days.

The best way to start is for us to come and talk to you about the communication and engagement challenges you face so we can create bespoke workshops tailored to your needs. 

What we offer

We love creating playful experiences that enable positive change, and believe everyone deserves access to a range of fun art and craft opportunities in their community.

To this end, we offer advice, resources, events and inspiration to our clients so our art-based workshops can be used strategically to promote team work, build trust, find shared values and shift perceptions.


Benefits of art-based learning:

Art projects are not simply an activity but play a fundamental role in creating and boosting connections amongst participants by promoting interaction and making them feel part of the community.

Engaging in something new and creative is important regardless of skill level – participation is what counts.

Even a single session of creativity brings positive emotional change but of course there are cumulative benefits from regular engagement:


Engagement in the visual arts, specially through creating, provides opportunities to cultivate mindfulness.

Stress relief

Hands-on making can be very relaxing and calming.

Self-esteem and confidence

Art activities enhance social skills leading to better self-esteem.

Mind Space

The mind space to reassess problems in our lives, think creatively and make plans.


Increased connectivity and plasticity in the brain.

"In a world of screens, the power to make by hand should be celebrated"

Melanie Falick

About us:

Gabriela Szulman

An artist and teacher based in Camberwell. She has delivered workshops for Grand Designs Live, Ideal Home Show, The Warner Textile Archive, South London Cares, The Jewish Museum and The Barbican Centre among others.


Lorena Melone

A branding expert and creative coach, founder of I for Ideas Design studio. She believes in the power of authentic, purposeful and believable brands that are built upon real people and inspiring ideas.